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    Our Story

    Kimbo was created from a real problem I was facing.
    Kimbo was also the reason I managed to fix that problem.
    After graduating from university I failed to find a job in engineering so I settled with becoming a waiter. 
    After wiping tables and handling bills, the engineering job hunt was still proving incredibly difficult. 22 companies in my field, but no one was taking a second look at graduate engineers.
    I decided to approach my current boss and ask if I can start working in the kitchen, and to my surprise he offered me the position of trainee chef! Not quite the industry I was qualified for, but it was one big leap in the right direction; a direction that changed everything.
    Little did I know, they’d be a fair amount of struggles that came with being a trainee chef, and one of them being blunt knives. The company (which I shall not mention) were reluctant to replace the cutting boards which meant knives immediately became blunt after colliding with the metal counter.
    I’d have the job of sharpening them but they’d never be the same again, meaning my efficiency slowed down parallel to the knives bluntness. I knew I had a problem on my hands.
    Over the next few months I’d tap into my engineering spirit and stay up tirelessly, continuously testing and optimising to fix this problem. The result? The Kimbo Knife Sharpener.
    Since The Kimbo Knife Sharpener was born we are proud to be Australia’s Knife Sharpener and we’ve sold over 100,000 units.
    The Kimbo brand is a prime example of never letting go of your passion, and instead using it to make someone’s day easier.
    Welcome to Kimbo.